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Various Blackthorn Mice

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Well, the Dutch are doing extremely well here. I'm finding them an especially hardy variety, like tough little midgets :lol: Here are some of my current babies:

I'm really pleased with the appearance of this little buck. My Dutch have a prevalent fault of heavy cheek markings and I'm hoping that using this lightly marked buck will even that out some and give me proper Dutch cheek patches:

Baby does:

Best marked at Sowood last weekend, U/8 doe:

Chocolate trio from Madhouse Stud:

Himalayan does:

Sarah xxx
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That little buck has fantastically straight demarcation between the rump color and his base color. Very nice! Also, I can't help but love the pose on your last shy little Himalayan doe.
The middle chocolate, the really dark one: Yummy! Ditto for the Himis.
Mmmmmm, yum......they look delicious :imgoingtoeatyou
tratallen said:
Mmmmmm, yum......they look delicious :imgoingtoeatyou
humbugs? or just like the taste of mice? :lol:
laoshu said:
or just like the taste of mice? :lol:
You need to stop having such gorgeous himis! I want to steal them. ;)
zoocrewmice said:
You need to stop having such gorgeous himis! I want to steal them. ;)
They are quite lovely arent they! And to think i never really liked them before...
Pretty impressive collection there ... lovely to see them, thanks for sharing ... off to say hello to my mice, so they don't get jealous ... :roll:
My God! I hope we can find a judger who can bring mice from all over GB to Sweden!!!
They are very beautiful mice! Used to have dutch mice. Long-haired and short of various colours. All does, of course
Beeeeyutiful! I want to move to GB just so I could do some proper mousing. ;)
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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