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URGENT Hand Feeding

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I need some urgent advice on hand feeding babies;

~ What's the youngest you've successfully hand reared?
~ What temperature do they need to be at?
~ What did you feed them/how often/how?
~ How did you get them to poop/how often?

I have three of a vital litter left but they're tiny. I'm not holding out much hope.
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I could probably find a doe to feed them.If they survive the night and you can get here you can try.What happened to the Mother?
just outside the City centre,near Abbey Park/the Blackbird pub.The offers there if you think it's worth it although it sounds doubtful :(
oh dear.What about the buck or did you cross to a normal?
Kage Davies said:
Crossed to a normal blue, I was working to blue astrex.

Its been a bad couple of weeks for mousie death DX. I was looking forward to this litter. The next are likely to be still born, since the mother got an infected eye and had to be put on baytril :(.
you can get anti biotic eye drops from the chemist,over the counter that are safe for mice.Chloramphenicol in drops or cream.Use that next time.
oh bad luck,perhaps it will work out with the other doe.
1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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