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URGENT Hand Feeding

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I need some urgent advice on hand feeding babies;

~ What's the youngest you've successfully hand reared?
~ What temperature do they need to be at?
~ What did you feed them/how often/how?
~ How did you get them to poop/how often?

I have three of a vital litter left but they're tiny. I'm not holding out much hope.
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Can you foster them onto another doe? I've never hand reared any myself but I would imagine they need feeding every couple of hours and toileting after every feed by wiping their underneaths with a moist cotton bud or cotton wool.
Do you have an amenable doe you could put with them just for the warmth, then at least that would be the temperature requirement sorted?
I found this link http://wildlife1.wildlifeinformation.or ... M_Mice.htm. It relates to wild mice and voles but it should help.

I'm afraid I have very little experience in breeding mice at all but I have three does together at the moment, one of whom gave birth and all the does share the nest with the babies. In fact the mum spends the least time with them, leaving that task to the others.
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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