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URGENT Hand Feeding

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I need some urgent advice on hand feeding babies;

~ What's the youngest you've successfully hand reared?
~ What temperature do they need to be at?
~ What did you feed them/how often/how?
~ How did you get them to poop/how often?

I have three of a vital litter left but they're tiny. I'm not holding out much hope.
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do u think it will work? I have a heat matt and thermostat, what if she leaves them to get cold?
2 left. fed them with a cotton bud and one bubbled it back up. Think he breathed it in.
think one of the last twwo is going, too.

I think she's sick tbh, she lost a lot of blood and scattered them in the nest throughtout the day,. She had 11 and 8 were dead.

Where abouts are u? might not be worth in tbh.
They're too tiny. If they were older, I'd give it a go. I've let Mum settle and rebuild her nest, and put the two back in there. We'll see if they make it, but I think one's dying already. It sucks, they're my last and only astrex, and since Mum looks sick and I think that's the end of that.
Crossed to a normal blue, I was working to blue astrex.

Its been a bad couple of weeks for mousie death DX. I was looking forward to this litter. The next are likely to be still born, since the mother got an infected eye and had to be put on baytril :(.
Well crap. She's only been on Baytril for two nights think I can switch meds?
Both gone. Waste of four hours. At least Mummy can have some baytril now.
1 - 9 of 18 Posts
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