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Urgent Advice Needed

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Hi All,

My husband bought our new addition, Minerva, 15 days ago from a shop that had mistakingly put her in with 5 males. The males were extremely small but the shop said that they couldn't guarantee that she wasn't pregnant. At the moment I have a very fat mouse and for the last couple of days she has barely moved, not in my sight anyway. She looks like she is sort of having gut spasms (apologies this is hard to describe). What I need to know is, is this behaviour quite characteristic or could she be in difficulty? Obviously if she needs medical attention I want to get her some pdq. Also, could it be something else other than pregnancy?

Thanks, advice would be gratefully received, Jo X
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Very sad, but these things happen from time to time. In my 11 years of breeding, I've had this happen twice, and it is very, very sad, and impossible to know exactly what happened with out an autopsy. Times like that made me wish I had even the minimal equipment like the stuff we used in high school for frog dissection so I could take a look.

Heh, there are times I wish I could get a used set of equipment and do my own trangenetic experiments. I read one can find a used setup for around $40,000 to $50,000 US; then I'd need to go back to school..... there are sites where one can find pretty good instructions, like recipes, for creating transgenic critters. Amazing!
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