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upcoming shows in england??

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is there any mice shows in england? i would love for my girls to enter, or my rats :D
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yeah but thats kinda shallow, just because they wasnt bred with very high standards dosnt mean they cant be pretty and cute :/
my mice arnt scruffy :p there smooth, i think there show mice... lovely smooth silky shiny fur, and tail :p and clear pink eyes
also, maisie has a orange tan on the back underside area
standard show markings? i looked and it sais broken marked, which i thought they were
oh i see, yeah i will try and keep a look out for things... if i breed her oneday... maybe a baby or too might be able to do shows... but i dont wanna breed mice or only get mice for shows, i would only wanna do it once for fun :p
nah its fine... i dont need to show :p
1 - 9 of 17 Posts
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