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upcoming shows in england??

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is there any mice shows in england? i would love for my girls to enter, or my rats :D
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Yes, they are run by the National Mouse Club ( and the London and Southern Counties Mouse and Rat Club (

The NMC does not run any rat shows, but the LSCMRC does. I don't know if non-members are allowed to enter them though, you'll need to email them and find out.

Please don't let this offend you, but I doubt your mice will be of a suitable standard for showing. You can enter them, of course, but they wil be judged by the strict standards of the NMC, which are geared towards judging mice of the highest show standard. Pet mice will likely just receive a very poor report indeed. You can read the breed standards on the NMC website I've posted above and look at the pictures, this will give you a slightly better idea of what's required of a show mouse.
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It's not about being pretty and cute, that's totally down to personal preference :) It's about being the best exhibition animal possible. The standards are there as a goal for breeders to aim towards. It's challenge to breed the 'perfect' show animal of any species, mice are no exception. You wouldn't show an adorable but scruffy mongrel at Crufts.
I didn't say your mice were scruffy. I was just thinking of a particularly cute but scruffy mongrel.

If you post some pictures of your mice we could tell you if they could compete in a show.
Maisie is a dove tan piebald satin, Millie is a dove piebald satin, and Jimmy is a black piebald. Although they are very pretty mice, they aren't suitable for showing because they don't have show standard markings. Have a look at this page:, it shows you all of the standardised markings. All mice with markings have to fit the descriptions laid out by the NMC.
No, a broken marked has small spots or patches randomly distributed around the body. Large areas of colour aren't allowed on a broken marked. There are pictures and some information about broken marked on this thread:
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