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Up-date pics of my babies

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Here are some up-dated pics of my babies. They are 11 days old. Tried to tell sexes today and think weve got 5 girls and 3 boys.
Hope you like the pics, let me know what you think :D :D

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These are the 3 plain babies ( not sure what colour they are going to be)

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These are the 5 coloured babies.

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i`m so pleased i`m not the only one that cant add piccies
think iv solved the problem. can anyone see them now???
ok ill try add them again. can anyone see this pic??

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ok so there are my 8 babies. let me know what you think :D
Hi, I removed all dead links from your topic as it was getting pretty manic...
what sexes are the whites?

the last one looks allmost identical markings to one of mine lol
the whites as far as we can tell are 2 females 1 male. i know i love their spots lol they look soooo cute. getting majourly active now lol
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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