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Unusual Rescues - But what are they?

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As most of you know, I no longer breed but have taken in some rescues recently and am a bit baffled by what colour some of them are.

Im assuming some of these have come from show lines somewhere along the road but it seems they got lost a little way along that road :roll:

So anyway, theres a couple of females showing this pattern but also a male.. and ive read that males dont come in brindle or tri so are they an attempt at variegated, splashed, roan or just oddly broken? (I call them desert camo :oops: )

Heres the buck

2 does

And they seem to be from the same lines / litter as these - I have no idea what colour they are either but they all seem to have this colour point going on?

Anyone share any suggestions how these came about?
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I have a litter of siamese that look just like them,covered in moult which is a big nuisance for me but quite pretty really.BP is blue point siamese.
some remain always in two coats,especially as they grow older.Others moult into normal coated siamese.Silver greys are the same,I have some with pretty speckled tops and jet black bellys,a bit like a tan gone wrong.I had a litter of siamese along time ago that got ringworm,it left them with perfect round moult marks when the fur came back also very attractive and they never moulted into normal coats.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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