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United Mouse Club BIG Yearly Mouse Show!

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Hey all,

Since Rodent Fest was canceled, we re-scheduled the Yearly UMC Show for another date.

We will be hosting our show at the
Southeast PA Small Animal Expo

June 7th 2014

192 W. Main St
Trappe, PA 19426

Event Hours:

Vendor Set Up: 7-9am
Vendor Hour: 9-10am
Vendor Tear Down: 6-7pm

We'll be posting more info closer to the show date, but a lot of information is already available on our website and the Expo website.

We also hope to be planning another show in Ohio October 2014

Hope to see you there! :)
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So is this like a "Repticon" for small animals?
I've never been to Repticon, not sure I know what it is, so I can't say either way :/ Sorry!

But there will be vendors there that sell supplies for small animals and people will be selling pets (for example, mice, rats, hamsters, gerbils, etc).

I don't know who is vending yet though. :)
Okay, that's what I wanted to know. :) Repticon is a expo for reptiles and exotic animals (sugar gliders, opossums, etc.) where venders sell animals and animal supplies. I've been looking for one for small animals.

Might I recommend advertising this also on the gerbil forum? I know many breeders who might be interested from there.
I wish I could join in as a vendor, but I've really cut back on gerbil breeding. I only have one breeding pair now.
Ah OK! I don't think reptiles will be allowed but the small animals will :)

I'll post over there! Thanks! :)

Hope to see you there!

We plan on hopefully doing this show yearly along with a few others so if you get more breeding pairs, you're more than welcome to get a booth and be a vendor :)
I didn't expect any reptiles to be there lol

I would definitely be interested in being a vendor in the future. I actually have three recessive g carrying male gerbils who I'm looking for mates for. Maybe I'll find some suitable matches for them at this show. :)

In the future I'd like to become more serious about mouse breeding. Currently I don't have great breeding mice (my current mice are from pet I obviously wouldn't offer any of their offspring to the public) but I'm hoping to have some in the future.
Definitely! That sounds great!

If you want, head over to the UMC website, There's a ton of info.

We also run a facebook page as well. We have competitions, virtual shows, photo contests, etc :)
Cool! I'll check out the website.

I don't have a facebook, so I can't do anything there.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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