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Two dove tan bucks - KENT, UK

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- Date of birth/Age 8/1/2017
- Sex: Males
- Colour/Variety Dove/Tan
- Price £3 or £5 for both.
- Collectible From: Maidstone, Kent.
- What the mouse carries (E.g Dove tan carrying chocolate): Mother dove broken marked with tan points, father unknown. Litter mates are champagne marked and yellows.
- If it is a doe, whether or not it has already had a litter N/A
- Reason for sale: Leftover litter babies.

Both currently living happy together. Both males for sure. Second buck has a black speck on his thigh, aside that both are identical.

Buck 1

Buck 2

You can't see it too well in that picture but it's slightly darker in person.
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