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one of my mice has developed a big round bump coming out of her neck. theres no cuts or saws on it. its just a bump.
is it likely to be cancer or is there anything else it could be?

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Hi George.
It could also be a haematoma.

I found once, what I assumed to be a tumour, right where you said on the neck of a mouse. I autopsied the mouse to find no tumour, but a very big build up of blood.

Either way, I don't suppose the prognosis is great.


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You can try sticking the mass with an 18 gage needle. This will make a large enough hole to let you know what's inside. If you get white goo, it's probably a cyst, or an infection. If you get lots of very very dark blood, it could be a hematoma. If you get little, or no blood, and no white stuff, it is most likely cancer. ):

This is the most effective way to find out. The mice don't notice the needle so much, and as long as they are mildly handle-able, you should be able to do this with no trouble. :)
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