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Tulsa, OK, US FMBA Show

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September 20th in Tulsa Oklahoma, the very first South-Central show for the Fancy Mouse Breeders Association!

We'll be at the Ramada Inn. All other info is at the above site. You do need to be a member to show, but all mousefolks are welcome to come for meetup, swap, a few vendors, and of course the dinner afterward! We have an excellent deal with the hotel for NO PET FEE and a discount if you tell them why you're there, so stay in the nice hotel with the rest of us and we'll have hotel hangouts. It's always a fun party when it's a mouse party.

You can also show remotely if you know someone who is attending and who can transport your mice (this is particularly easy if you're sending mice along with them to be picked up by someone else!). Again, the rest of the info on that is at the above link.

We're really excited to be starting shows in areas of the country that don't otherwise have them, so please come out and support the club!
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Just a reminder for folks: The deadline to reserve your hotel room at the discounted price is tomorrow, Friday, September 5th!
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