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I was browsing web last night just for something to do and came across a site called
and if you look on the latest news tab at the top of the page
it says that they have got tri coloured mice :eek:
I don't know if they are real tri coloured mice or just broken tans/sables
but its quite exciting
only problem is I have heard some not so good comments about simons rodents on other forums , but I have never dealt with them so I couyldn't judge
but I just thought it was intresting

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I have heard nothing but bad things about that company. I am 100% sure they will be broken tans or something similar, since we don't have the genes required for tricolours in the UK. A couple of people have made what have been dubbed tricolours (though not genetically) but that was 2 people in the whole of Europe and only after years of breeding. This company just sell poor animals for inflated prices from what I am told. It would be funny to email them for a photo of the 'tricolours' though :lol:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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