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I can sympathise with the pain, last year I had chronic tooth ache and swollen gums, I thought it was my wisdom tooth coming through. Went to dentist and he drilled out and refilled a filling but pain returned. Went back again and had to have root canal work done. Dentist removed it, plugged it, filled it and then i had to go back to have it refilled properly. It did the job though and apart from being a bit sore afterwards the chronic pain had gone and i've had no probs since. Pain drove me crazy though - i used all my son's teething gel (tasted nice but didn't do much :D ) and in the end got a tube of orajel (benzocaine). Numbed it a treat but soon wore off, think if i'd not have got the treatment i'd have been addicted to benzocaine within a month!

Elsa x
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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