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well its 4am and my blasted tooth has woke me, I only had it filled six months ago ........ any ideas on stopping the pain would be most welcome ...... Yeah I know the plyers thing and go to the dentist bit but they cant fit me in till monday.......... owch... :cry: .... thanks.
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I have the same issue, ive looked after my teeth but having no end of problems now partly because theyre just so weak and partly due to damage my orthodontist did taking my brace off as a kid.
Been waiting since July to have 2 very bad teeth removed, im supposed to be on priority because ones permanently infected and theyre both crumbling each week but the appointments still not till November 11th!!

Know how you feel :|
Bet they dont knock you out first though :?

My dentist actually said they'd be reluctant to do at least one of these without anasthetic because he 'thinks it will go surgical' :shock:

I cant wait for the day but i dont want to go :cry:
Aww how kind of you to remember. Im currently feeling bruised and tired now and ive slept all afternoon!
They didnt tell me till last minute but apparently each time you do anasthetic youre more aware of whats happening at the time although you are ment to forget again next day.

..I was pretty aware of what was going on this time, never knew anything last time and I cant say it was pleasant at all but at least its done now and hopefully this is the start of feeling better in the long run
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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