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this is my first and possibly only post on here since I do cull and am comfortable with it.I feel no need to explain myself.I have 9 ferrets and feed them exclusively on mice,thats a lot of culling.I do think if you breed mice and rats you need to cull especially if you are a pet/hobby breeder.Pet keepers are obviously sentimental but thats where the problem arises.They still produce inferior unhealthy individuals or buck heavy litters the same as the rest of us.Being unable to cull presents a problem though.Can't /don't want to keep all the rubbish/males.Along comes an unsuspecting newbie,conned into taking a pair of males or six eyed,10 legged freak with all the associated problems.Big unfair headache then develops for the new pet owner.I see on several forums that these self rightous pet keeping breeders use attack as the first line of defence .Fanatical zealots unable to see another side to the debate.Fortunately, we seem so far to have a good bunch of people on hear, that haven't gone down the my way or the high way route.The bottom line for me is that whatever the reason for your breeding,unless you are willing to cull or take responsibility for all the spare males and weak stuff then you shouldn't.Hear end'th my sermon.
Get a life Sarah springs to mind ;)
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