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I think the majority of people who have requested access to this section have already come to the realisation that culling is sometimes a necessity, or they wouldn't be here asking questions. I know next to nothing about exhibiting mice so I wont comment much further, its not my place. I just think all your do not breeds were unnecessary overkill and possibly offensive, as I'm sure here we all understand the points you make already and even those of us who've made mistakes are learning. I also find calling breeders who say they get down about culling sometimes liars that shouldn't breed is out of line. Yes some people cull hundreds, but that doesn't mean they can't recognise it as one of the harder things to do every now and then. Having a conscience doesn't make people bad breeders

As you said your "venom" is coming from the fact that you've had a lot of hard work, and I can't help thinking you've vented it in the wrong place here
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