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Three Pregnant Mice

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Hi all! I went to a place where they had 15 pinky mice and their 3 pregnant mothers in horrible conditions. (They were in a 2 gallon plastic tub, full of humidity and apen shavings. The container, food dish, and water thing were NEVER cleaned and more) So, I purchased them with the intention of rehoming to local mice enthusiasts!

I understand that it is best to separate a pregnant mouse to be alone with her pups, but I purchased these 3 mice all housed together. Do I still separate them, or is it best to just keep a close eye on their behavior and keep them together? I also don't know who the 15 pups belongs to!

Also, are there any diets one would recommend for a pregnant mouse? I feel like the ones they sell aren't made special for pregnant or old mice.

Is there anything else I should know and be aware of? Like I said, I am doing so much research and just had a few questions! I put them in a 10 gallon tank for the time being, and gave them new bedding and the works! They look so much better already.
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