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Three Does WANTED in Milwaukee area

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I'm looking to buy three does any where close to the Milwaukee area :)
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I'll be in Iowa City next Saturday through Monday, heading to Chicago probably (but not necessarily) on Monday afternoon/evening. Assuming we do make the Chicago part of the trip, that means I'll be passing through where I-39 and I-88 meet, a little less than two hours from you. If we don't, Iowa City is a four hour drive. I'm normally in Arkansas, though. The closest breeder to you is in Stevens Point, WI, and that's Niemi Farms Micro.

You can find /most/ of the American mouse breeders here: ... &msa=0&ll=
If you're willing to drive to Stevens Point, here is my fb page if you'd like to look at what I carry. There are also some pictures of specific mice available. I do travel to Waupaca frequently if you'd like to meet up there & cut off 20 mins of your trip. BlizzardMice is definitly closer though!!/pages/Niemi-Farms-Micro/196369603863098
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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