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Thinking about mixing my own food

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As it seems food prices are going up in pet shops ive decided im going to try and mix my own food.

at the momey i by the rat muslie from [email protected] which has gone up in price to about £2, it used to be about £1.50 anyway i buy £20 worth every month.

Can anyone suggest what i need to put in the mix has im a complete novice and want to make sure i get it right.

O i also mix wild bird seed in with the [email protected] rat muslie.
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What are the ingredients Daisy? All it says on the Allen & Page website is that it contains linseed and soya, both of which are fine for mice, but we need to know what else is in there!
mark your thread is well and truly hi-jacked sorry!!! :eek:
yeah, silly website, cant find the ingredients online so i'll have to try to remember to look at the sack tomorrow at the crack of dawn before work whilst wrestling with hungry monkeys (horses) :roll:

sorry mark!
hey guys if ya thinking of mixing ya own.. recently got told about this myself.. some have probably already come across it.,. but prices seem fair for basemixes, complete mixes mealies etc.. so have a butchers. :D
As those mixes are for rats, I can supply a mouse version of a complete mix for £1.50/kg, collectable from shows or Wigston LE18. Obviously it is the same mix that I use to feed my show mice and contains bruised oats, flaked barley, mixed seed, complete dog food and broken dog biscuits. Suitable for growing babies and pregnant/nursing does as well - of course you can add your own extras as desired.
cant collect a mouse mix from shows or wigston so think ill have to stick to using the rat mixes as a base and add other things... but have been reading up another website and loads of people, breeders of show mice etc have recommended using it.But i guess its each to their own. :D
i just go to my local pet shop and ask have u got any mouse food and then they say yes or no if they say yes then there you go and its mostly cheep because i will get about 3bags 4 £5 and it will last about 2 months,xx :)
I like to make my mouses 'mouse biscuits'. It's a mixture of powdered rice and oats (baby food), wet baby food, and a mixture of rolled oats, dog food, and seeds. Then I just bake them in little clumps, and toss one into each of my mouse cages. :)

You can also add egg to these, which is good for preggo mice. :)
Im going to be making my own mouse mix soon, need to wait for when we do another order as minimum order is a few hundred and the sacks are only about 2-4 pounds (god bless being in retail LOL) but i know the list of what i can get is 5 pages long and has loads of stuff.

Was generally thinking along the lines of:

-wild bird seed
-flaked maize
-micronised peas
-dog kibble
-small pack of alfalfa pellets (my weird beasties eat them in small quantities!)

And then I will split the mix up and add different things for different critters, my hamster mix will be much higher in fats and proteins as they are all breeding and they seem better on it. Same with my females and baby mice. Then i will have another mix with the same base for the Gerbils and Jirds.

Can also get dried mealworms and suet pellets as treats as well.

Not to mention they are all getting a nice slop of rice and ats soaked in lactol this evening, little porkers!!
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Don't know about your lot but my mice and hamsters are not big fans of maize and pea flakes. They will eat a few, but many get left. Oats and barley would be a better staple, and add a few of the pea flakes if you want to.
Mine seem to go mad for the flakes,most seem keen to eat alfalfa and i know which critters dont like it LOL.

Hacked off as i could have seeds for nearly nowt but minimum order is £200 LOL wont need it for a few months, doh! Now going through a kg of food every 2-3 days minimum just of basic mix for 12 cages LOL, jird cages, hams, gerbils and mice, mice eat the most though!!
i have started removing the green orange and brown biscuits from the feeds which generally end up on the floor anyway. the mice seem more inclined to sit in their bowls and eat now.. .. they get fresh veg every few days and scrambled egg and chicken a couple of times a week which gets polished off big time... have also started adding rolled oats quinoa, and cut up dates.So once all this mix n match is used up ill be ordering the growth and reproduction mix from ratrations with mixed insects and see how they go with that... :)
Everyone has the ingredients, but what about the rations? I mean, how many parts of one type of food to mix with parts of other food?
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