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Thinking about mixing my own food

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As it seems food prices are going up in pet shops ive decided im going to try and mix my own food.

at the momey i by the rat muslie from [email protected] which has gone up in price to about £2, it used to be about £1.50 anyway i buy £20 worth every month.

Can anyone suggest what i need to put in the mix has im a complete novice and want to make sure i get it right.

O i also mix wild bird seed in with the [email protected] rat muslie.
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okey dokey...will look into getting all this new grub for the meeces :)
Just out of interest, do you know how much it costs you to feed the mice (per mouse per month) when you buy small amounts like you are doing? Just curious how much of a difference it makes (you can PM me if you don't want to post it here).
Erm we were paying about £25 altogether which in weight came to around 8kg,and we have around 40ish mice on average so its worked out about 65p per mouse per month
Why crushed oats and not groats the last time I bought crushed I seemed to have a sack of husks currently using superioats 25kg £12
lasts ages.
How do you feed 40+ mice on 8kg?! Like I said I have around 100 adults plus litters and I must use about 140kg of food per month after a quick mental tot up, plus bread and Lactol.
Dragonfly-Stud said:
Why crushed oats and not groats the last time I bought crushed I seemed to have a sack of husks currently using superioats 25kg £12
lasts ages.
I agree a lot of the cheaper ones seem to have lots of husk, the one I use I think is fine. They also don't sell groats in large quantities near me.
doms making me confused he doesnt know what hes talking about lol im sure the dog kibble we use is 8kg alone... :?
Well we done a bit of searching and found a farm shop about 5 mins from my MIL's house so we told her what we wanted and she went and got it all for us...the mixed flake mix she got us is a horse and pony mix...she was told it was a flake mix so bought that however looking at the ingredients we arent to sure...

heres a list of whats in it

cooked flaked barley,
oat feed (a by product of the oatmeal industry)
cooked flaked peas
dicalcium phosphate
sodium chloride
soya oil
calcined magnesite
vitemans and minerals

nutrient analysis

protein 9.0%
moisture 14%
fibre 13%
oil 2.5%
ash 7.5%
vitamin A 9600 IU/kg
vitamin D3 1200 IU/kg
vitamin E (alpha tocopheroi) 40 IU/kg
copper (cupric sulphate) 20 mg/kg

any help would be appreciated :D
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Doesn't sound too bad, I'd be more worried about whether it was pellets (which mine don't eat). If it is actually flakes then it should be ok - mice are fine with molasses as my rabbit food used to contain that and they liked it :)
we tried supa rat and 1 point and they dont touch it coz its pellets but its just a moist mix.we got that along with the wild bird seed and the rolled oats.they are so not what i expected...they look like popcorn before its been cooked :?
Alert the mods we have thread hi-jackers :D

Anyway i went shopping with me dad today so i could have a look round and see what they sell by the time i got there id forgotten what i went for so im going to have to make a list :D
yeah thats 'pasture mix' which if i feed to my connemara she goes mental and has too much energy so depending on the type of mix (some are called cool-with no oats and other things that hot the horse up,) i'd be more worried about if it sent my mice mental, i mean a horse is big, i'm imagining a mouse on caffine here!! :lol:

let me know how you get on with it, i've never really considered feeding my mice what my horses eat as i have to be so careful what i feed the horses as the slightest change or different ingredients makes such a huge difference to their weight behaviour and apearence i thought that the horse feed might be too extreme for the mice.

the wild mice in our stable never seemed to mind pony nuts (pellets) :lol: i suppose they are alot less spoilt than my domestics
yes i have to agree daisy id never have dreamt of feeding mice horse food coz like you say look at the size dif! i will have 2 give it a try so it will be a case of trial and error wish us luck...will be reporting to you Cait if we end up with caffine addicted nut job mice lol
You'll just have to switch them to drinking de-caf to compensate :lol:

I say try them on it and see if they'll eat the pellets. I guess it depends whether the pellets are soft and easy to eat or rock hard lol. As for oats being 'hot' that's something that mouse fanciers say too, about them 'heating the blood'. It's because they are higher protein and give them a lot of energy etc more than other grains do, that's why we feed them it in the first place!
seriously ive got visions of the mice going doolally now :?
(i dont think theres actually caffine in the feed! just how my horse acts!!) but i'm really interested in this as i could potentially save some money as i have to buy horse feed anyway,

i have a welsh sec B whose getting on in her years (first pony so now a stable mate) and she has an allen and page feed called 'old faithfull' which is designed to be easy to eat and no pellets and to maintain her weight as she gets skinny in winter, it sounds like it could be ideal as its a 'cool' type feed so doesnt have anything in it to energize her, bless her.

its about £10 a sack, which is about the same price as a sack of rabbit food,

cait - do you think something like this could work, and what would u suggest adding to it, just something for protein, or still the bird seed mix too?

could there be any adverse effects?

(ps- fae, how nice does pasture mix smell! :D )
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doms just had a his words "to see if they are eatable" lol think hes the nut job in this house :?
ah, so hot is a good thing for the mice then, well they are more hardcore than my horses then :oops:

in that case would the hotter be the better?

check out allen and pages website, they do about a zillion different types, we've used about 4 or 5 of theres over time

how about this for pregnant mummies?! :lol:

"Stud & Youngstock Mix
Keeping The Family Fit

* Formulated to meet the higher nutritional demands of broodmares during pregnancy and lactation.
* Can also be used to feed working stallions and growing foals and youngstock.

Stud & Youngstock Mix, which has elevated levels of micronutrients is usually fed in the last three months of gestation and during lactation. It is also suitable for working stallions, foals, yearlings and two-year olds, including natives and warmbloods. Protexin is included which may help maintain healthy digestive and immune function, particularly at times of stress such as when travelling, foaling or during weaning."

(pasture mix doesnt taste too bad) :lol:
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