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Thinking about mixing my own food

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As it seems food prices are going up in pet shops ive decided im going to try and mix my own food.

at the momey i by the rat muslie from [email protected] which has gone up in price to about £2, it used to be about £1.50 anyway i buy £20 worth every month.

Can anyone suggest what i need to put in the mix has im a complete novice and want to make sure i get it right.

O i also mix wild bird seed in with the [email protected] rat muslie.
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MouseBreeder said:
We use
Bailey's Best British Oats (rolled oats) - 20kg sack for £6.95
Mixed flake (barley, pea, maize etc) - 20kg sack for £7.85
Mixed wild bird seed - 20kg sack for £9.30
Wafcol greyhound maintenance (dry dog food) - 15kg sack for £10.80ish
Lactol soaked bread a couple of times a week

It costs £100 a month to feed 100ish adult mice plus litters, so £1 per mouse per month.
where do you get all these in such big sacks Cait? we have been doing ours on a smaller scale and figured it would probably work out so much cheaper for us to buy huge sacks of everything.
1 - 1 of 53 Posts
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