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Just thought i'd let you know what other animals i keep for those who may be interested:

40 mixed tropical fish (mainly cichlids - i breed them :D )
Blue Lobster
Pyed Canary
2 dogs (Roxy - staffy x dacshund x english bull terrier :lol: and Tara - German wirehaired pointer x blue merl border collie - she's huge and just 5 months old!!)
Berber Skink
Striped king snake (currently at 4 1/2 ft)
Chocolate corn snake (1 1/2 ft)
Garter snake (1ft)
3 adult mice (1 buck 2 does)
6 baby mice (Not sexed yet)

My fiance and i still want two more dogs (english bull terriers - to breed, and stud the dog) and a frilled dragon. Though i'm still tempted with a few more mice. I used to keep rats but developed an allergy to their hair, as with the guinea pigs i used to keep. Mice are the only rodents that don't set my allergy off ;)
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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