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Theo-- Dawsons Mice img heavy

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This is Theo. I got him from Sarah (Dawsons Mice) this morning and he is a tenny weeny baby!!
His D.O.B was the 25th of March so as you can imagine he is so small :D
He is already quite tame and comfortable with me and very easy to scoop up and if not, he just climbs on himself :lol:
I plan to breed from him when he gets a bit older

Here he is:

(He's under the saucer!!)

(He's under the saucer!!)

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He is a cutie pie! bet your are well chuffed with him :)
Love him to bits!!
The girls are fully grown now and they are about three times his size!! When I bought him in the house the girls were smelling the air! they could sense he was there!!
Did you get the 3rd one?
They were all very scrummy :)
He looks really nice. How much time do you spend handling him each day/week to help him become tame?
I hold him for up to or over an hour a day. I have only had him four days but he seems pretty tame already,
Aww good to see he is doing well and behaving himself.
I really didnt handle this litter as much as I normally would so its good to know I didnt completly ruin them! :?

Look forward to seeing pics when he gets bigger :)
He's a bit bigger now (6+ weeks) and one of my girls id going in with him tomorrow!! Im very excited!!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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