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The Wigglers

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New pics of my 3 day old litter


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Aww!!! They look nice and healthy :D
Congrats! I love the little dark ones- sooo sweet :D
Nice chubby long bodied little eekers. Congrats!
Beauties... Congrats. :D :D
i'm thinking one maybe a poor blue the mothers a black but dads a lilac so the litter looks really mixed which is wierd coz i thought they would be all black lol
update i believe i have 4 doe's and 3 bucks in this litter the Black, one of the 2 greys and the largest of the pink ones. The blue, other grey and the other 2 pink are doe's lets see if i'm right in a week or two lol
Congratulations! Not long now till you see their colours. :)
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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