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the west country show Sunday 4 th March

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Nice venue,lunch and refreshments available.Held @ Jubilee Hall,Alveston,South Glousc BS35 2QX.Entries close wed 29th Feb.
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I'm going and Bandit is going to be thrilled with our travelling companion.Looking forward to it immensely.
the lovely sarahy is travelling with us and Bandit finds her irrisistable.Taking photos is no problem,it's only at Harrogate that there is a rule for that but I used my camera there with no issues and videod it,I think the problem must be in the rabbit section.
you will be missed but we'll think of you.
it will be great to see you all,hope it won't be our last meeting Amy :( If you need to restock in future you can always knock on my door.
1 - 5 of 22 Posts
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