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the west country show Sunday 4 th March

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Nice venue,lunch and refreshments available.Held @ Jubilee Hall,Alveston,South Glousc BS35 2QX.Entries close wed 29th Feb.
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Bandit is going to be thrilled with our travelling companion.
Bandiiiiiiit! Whoop! :D

I will be there (with my camera Alex) but WoodWitch can't make this one :cry: so I shall be travelling with the lovely SarahC :cool:
I was very busy filling out the paperwork so I only managed to get a few photos:

It was a really nice day, really relaxed and happy :)

I would like to say BIG congratulations to Mark and Paul Brockman; forum members who won their first sections at this show! Well done guys!
:gwavec :gwavec :gwavec
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1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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