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The London Champ show

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Mice are on the Sunday.This is a really good show.Lots to see and the mice are in a good indoor area.

I will have copies of the latest publication from the NMC,'a Fancy For Mice' a guide for beginners @£5 each,the author will be attending and will be happy to sign copies and also a fur and feather publication 'Mice For Hobbyist and Exhibitor @ £3 each.Cash or cheques payable to the National Mouse Club.Available to anyone interested in mice,not just club members :D

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previously it was free but now it's an amalgamated show I don't know.
Bumping this next one up then,one of my fave shows.Expect SarahY is champing at the bit.Looking forward to meeting Myth for the first time to :)
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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