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The Kids

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Here are some pics of our current mice :D

One of the whole gang enjoying a freshly cleaned cage

Mo, also known as Fatsumomo (though she is steadily loosing weight)

Kink, you can see why from the tail


Tiny (sorry about the blurryness, still learning to use camera and she is such a fidget bum and wont sit still)

Little and Large (ie Mo and Tiny)

Hope you like my little family :lol:
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Wooo mo is a big momma :shock:

Such lovely mice though :p
They are so sweet. Can't wait to meet them all :D xx
That picture of Mo and Tiny is brilliant, Mo literally towering over little Tiny :lol:
She was 92g and tiny was about 25g at the time of the pic. Mo is now 65g and tiny is 31g so it doesn't look quite so drastic anymore, they are best of friends though, tiny follows mo.
Mo looks the size of a Malmummate :shock: its good she's losing weight though :D
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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