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Fell in love with this rabbit at the London Champs on Saturday and was deeply sad when they told me I could only look at him that day, if I wanted to buy him he would be for sale at 11am on the Sunday.......

Thankfully my friend also wanted a bunny for sale so she arrived at 9am and formed her own que by the sales pens, so when I arrived just after 10am she was sat at the top of the que with her daughter and bags not budging for love nor money.

I was delighted when they finally opened the sales and she bought bunny for me........

Imagine my dissapointment when they THEN told me I couldn't actually TAKE him 'till 4pm Sunday ARGHHH I had to leave the show by lunch time as I was picking something up on the way home and I had bunny people coming myself at 4pm TOTAL nightmare.

Thankfully I have lovely friends and Ndidi was delivered to my door 7pm that evening........he was WELL worth all the fuss........

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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