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The 3 Remaining Babies...

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:( - 3 of the 6 survived.

Here they are though a little after 3 weeks old, Genetic inbreeding was the cause....

I'm now worried about the runt, very timid, walks around ok just seems scared of everything that moves...

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The very last photo, the baby in palm of my hand, her eye has been leaky, we've been cleaning it every day, she seems less nourished too... what can i give to 3 week old babies that are safe for them?

He just would not stay still!!! best i got constantly trying to get off of me lol...
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Inbreeding in it of itself is not a cause for death. The pics aren't very clear but it looks like they are pretty thin and scruffy looking. I, personally, would probably dose them all with baytril.
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