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1. Doesn't matter, looks the same. The brightness of the tan you must select. If you got a bleeding tan, you can make it better by crossing it with a self, but the brightness of the tan will also suffer. It will take a few generations to get it back to standard.

2. Since it doesn't matter if it's a/at or at/at, the tan of agouti can be very rich. Select!

3. ae/at looks like a bad tan. The topcolor is a nice, rich black with lots of color on the tail, feet and ears. The tan color is not so bright. Here a photo of a black tan, parents extreme black x choc tan.

And a very good black tan to see the difference:

It is hard to see on these pics (first one doesn't show the colors correctly), but the ears are a lot darker on the first mouse.

4. I know there are leaden mice in England, since someone in Holland brought them over. I've got some from them to breed blue tans. Don't think it is easy with the leaden gene, it doesn't effect the red as much as diluted does, but it still does have an effect. This is also a process of selection.
I heared there are breeders in England with very nice blue tans, so it is possible!
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