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I have some tan-related questions which I hope someone can help me with:

1. Does it make a difference in appearance if a self based tan is at/at or a/at? I was wondering if an at/at tan would suffer from 'bleeding' of the tan areas more than a/at, and also if an a/at tan would be as bright. Basically, are these faults partly genetic or are they purely selective breeding?

2. Since agouti tan (A/at) can only have one tan gene, does the belly colour suffer in any way?

3. If one made an extreme black tan (ae/at), what would that look like? Apparently extreme black elimates all red colours from the mouse, so would it be a fox? Completely black? Or something stranger?

4. Do we have the leaden gene in this country that would enable us to make blue tans with an actual tan belly? (Although I do think blue tans with golden bellies are extremely pretty.) Finnmouse says: "With the "mock blue gene" leaden (see Blue), it is possible to get a much more fiery belly than with d/d."

Thank you!

Sarah xxx
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