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Swindon show tomorrow-help me??

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Just wondering where exactly it is, and what's the nearest train station.

Also if I could get a lift from the train station from someone? My original lift's car is in the garage, and I my only other option is the train. :oops:
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The address is:

Hermitage Village Hall
Berkshire RG18

I honestly don't know how far the station is from the venue as I've only ever been straight there.
It's ok i've got a lift now! :D Thank you though! x
Megzilla said:
It's ok i've got a lift now! :D Thank you though! x
Good job because I don't think it's very close to the station.My mice are in their Maxeys ready to land on tratallens door step early tommorrow.Thanks Sarah and Naomi.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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