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Swindon Show - Saturday 23rd April 2011

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Hey guys, whos going to this show?

And does anyone have the address of where it actually is?

Katy x
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The show was great even though I didnt stay long, lovely mice :)
Thanks very much to the judges for putting my mice up, and for Meg, Katie and George for taking my mice to the show and bringing them back for me. Much appreciated!

Wish I could have been there, but a family invasion meant I couldn't. This was the first time I've been able to send mice to a show with other people, and it went very smoothly and was well worth it! Thanks again people!
Here's my Dutch boy with his new trophy!

And here he is being judged by Terry Sales during the Grand Challenge (photo taken by I'll Be Back, thank you!)

Big congratulations to Loganberry for winning BIS and to I'll Be Back for winning almost everything else! :lol:

It was a lovely show, but then Swindon always is :D

Sarah xxx
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Lovely, once again Sarah this is a sight we will be seeing all this year i'm sure. Congrats!

41 - 45 of 45 Posts
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