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Swindon Show - Saturday 23rd April 2011

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Hey guys, whos going to this show?

And does anyone have the address of where it actually is?

Katy x
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SarahY said:
wheres you fighting spirit ? (obviously reserved for Mite threads)
:lol: :lol: :lol:

I'm going to Swindon and I believe tratallen is too.

Sarah xxx
Ahhh that's ok, i don't have any marked mice entered!

Tratellen is going , that should be interesting, wish i was going now.
Im going :) bright and early to help Brian and Eileen to set up as they do a great job with their organization of the show :thumbuo
maisymouse said:
Im coming this time for a look round!
it will be very nice to meet you and also Jim as well as the usual crowd.
I may do, but it currently depends on things. If not, my next one will be Sowood.
Does anyone have any does for sale that they could bring? Im looking for something a bit special, long haired, silver, lilac, agouti, cinnamon, astrex or abyssinian

If any one has any could you please let me know as I will be in oxford the weekend of the 23rd so I can make the extra journey down

Yahz finally on here again. hi everyone. I'll be going too. I have emailed lakeside mousery and blackthorn stud, but i'm currently looking for Astrex and Dutch mice (does). Is anyone going to the show have any of these variety for sale? Thanks, and see you there :D
Shiprat said:
Tratellen is going , that should be interesting, wish i was going now.
Not so much really :lol:

Had a bit of bad luck (the details of which need no discussion here) and now the only showable mice I have, I spotted today, have a touch of the old 'Ing ray Orm way'. I don't know where it's come in from :roll:

It's no laughing matter, but it doesn't do to be all precious about things does it!
It's easily treated but my mice will be in no fit shape for the showbench this time, so I'll be there as an observer only.

See you all there x
I'm not gonna manage to make it, sadly. It's going to cost me too much, I'll be at Sowood though.
Thats a shame. wish I could go to Sowood but it's too far for me
I don't thin I'm gonna make this show, too much on this weekend. When it's a choice between mouse shows and kayak fishing, there is only ever gonna be one winner for me. I hope to put an entry in though, if my mucker Sam will take them up for me. Good luck to all those who are going.
Good luck everyone and see you at the show!

Sarah xxx
How did you all come on, did you have a good day.
I had a lovely day and I enjoyed the fact that it was supported by fledgling members who have come from the forum.I had some very good mice to judge,much better than the last time I was at at this venue.Weather was fab,company good and I got a new mouse courtesy of ,I'll be back' to start off a new line for myself.Some very good mice missed out on a placement in some classes because the quality was very good.Loganberrys winning baby cham was a gem and I was very taken with best aov,a striking agouti owned by 'I'll be back',shining with health and vitality,a real beaut.
It was very nice to meet some of you that belong to this forum (thanks Katy for stewarding) and hopefully I'll see you again at shows soon.
:eek: Naomi please forgive me for not mentioning your great stewarding for me.No complaints at all.
Sounds like a great day, i'm sure my mice enjoyed it, shame I couldn't. Once i get my transport sorted I shall be at more of these shows.

Well done to the winners, somehow i had a sneaky suspicion that SarahY would get best marked again!

Pictures of winners please!
SarahC said:
Naomi please forgive me for not mentioning your great stewarding for me.No complaints at all.
All too late I'm afraid, black mark already in book! ;)

It was my great pleasure SarahC. Thankyou for the privillage xx
Thankyou! I enjoyed stewarding at this show - it was my first "full" day of stewarding and i learnt so much from Cait about loads of different varieties. Thankyou to Meg for putting up with mine and georges camp out in her living room! - shes a great hostess!
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