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Swindon 24th October

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Who's going?
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Want to know the funny part Ian - she's a very young CHAMPAGNE rw doe. I only have 3 chams, kept because they're well marked since I don't like the colour that much :roll:
Send her my way then :D I absolutely love my cham and cham tan r/ws and I thought I wouldnt like the pink eyes! I think my cham r/w lines are at the moment the most consistant in markings. I think because the colour is quite pale it manages to hide some of the faults I sometimes have in my darker coloured rws like the pigment on the tail and the slight brindling at the demarcation line.
Michael N said:
Ok, il ask Val Brown on the phone tonight or il talk to her about it at Enfield!!! Thanks Halycon, If thats alright with you SarahC?
Yes cover all options,I just want them to arrive with you asap as I know you are so keen to get your mits on them.


The winning broken will have moved up into the adult class by Manchester but.....I have another good n.Whats that they say about buses ;)
are the rats going to be on the Saturday :( or the Sunday :) at Harrogate.
21 - 27 of 27 Posts
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