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Toast said:
So, looks like my favorite mouse is getting put down because I can't afford to take it to the vet. Before you say 'You shouldn't get a pet at all if you can't afford treatment', just know that the vet charges 'A rough estimate' of $652-$752, per mouse, to remove a tumor. Thats how much we had to spend on my cat getting surgery for crying out loud! So, Gatorade is going to be put down soon.
It does sound like a lot, but it still takes the same amount of time, a similar amount of anaesthetic, more specialised care after surgery (warmed recovery unit with extra nurses - small furries need more care after an op), more expensive drugs, the same amount of suture material, the same equipment and slightly more expertise and experience in the vet, operating on something so small.

It still sucks, but we don't make up the prices.
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