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no actually it was the strangest thing. there is a local pet store I go to, for dragon and snake food. (NO she was NOT purchased as a feeder I feed my snakes Frozen Thawed) The actually have a very tiny rodent section, the specialize in reptiles and birds. So I was just browsing through on my way back to the reptile section, and that little mouse caught my eye. she was ALL by herself, so I asked to see her. She seemed healthy (and is still doing wonderful) so I asked them where she came from, why she was alone, ect.

the girl told me she was IN THE FEEDER BIN IN THE BACK!! She was the only one like that and the girl decided to move her to the pet rodent department because of her appearance!! So I really don't know if someone turned her in, or what.
1 - 5 of 16 Posts
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