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Stumped.. what color is she?

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I picked up this girlie at a local petstore, she reminded me of a wolf. So What is this called???

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Looks like some kind of strange agouti mutation. Like, agouti merle, lol.

Also, YOUR PICS ARE HUGE. Scale them DOWN. :p
I think she looks like a possible agouti merle, too. Where do you live?

Also, I notice your mouse food is full of dried corn which holds no nutritional value and can actually harbor mold so you should probably pick those out.
I am in Virginia. Do you have suggestions on what to look for as far as better food for her? or just simply remove the corn?
Lab blocks are good. Harlan is a good brand, as is Mazuri. You can also make your own mix. Mice love plain, dry oatmeal and it's good for them. Stale whole-grain bread is also loved by all my mice.
Wow I live in Virginia too!
If you're close by, would you be willing to breed her? I'd love babies like these. And I could stud out a male. I think it's a great colour.

Anyone: What would I have to do to get babies like these? What would she have to be bred to?
If she is agouti merle, then you need another merle
I would most definately like to breed her and see if we can get more like her. (I finally figured out how to size down my photos btw)
Yes, she is agouti merle. She is odd-looking. :p
Yea I just HAD to get her. I am not a big hobby breeder or anything but I usually keep a few pet mice, and spend time googling colors... i've just never seen anything like her before.
It's great if you'd like to breed her! I've got a pair of merles that will be delivered down here in the near future, and I plan on breeding them together with each other first. If they have a male merle baby, then I'd love to breed him with her!

Where in Virginia do you live? I'm in Richmond/Mechanicsville.
Wow, shes really awesome. Makes me wish I was closer, I'd snag a baby like her if you bred one in a heart beat :)
She looks a lot like some of my ticked tris.
Did you get her from Animal Exchange, by chance? I know who supplies them.
no actually it was the strangest thing. there is a local pet store I go to, for dragon and snake food. (NO she was NOT purchased as a feeder I feed my snakes Frozen Thawed) The actually have a very tiny rodent section, the specialize in reptiles and birds. So I was just browsing through on my way back to the reptile section, and that little mouse caught my eye. she was ALL by herself, so I asked to see her. She seemed healthy (and is still doing wonderful) so I asked them where she came from, why she was alone, ect.

the girl told me she was IN THE FEEDER BIN IN THE BACK!! She was the only one like that and the girl decided to move her to the pet rodent department because of her appearance!! So I really don't know if someone turned her in, or what.
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