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Today at 4.30 I came home from the hairdressers with my daughter, less than two mins after comming home my hubby went out to collect something from our car, in this time we had a conifer taken from our front garden :x . Now baring in mind we live on a busy road on a traffic light junction all most in the center of the city, how is this possiable?

The person who did this tried to pull the first conifer up and failed as it has been broken but, managed to tugg the second in line out.... :?

and more surprising no one saw a thing.......... :eek:

Are people so broke they cant afford there own :shock:

Or did they just really like ours as they must be the best in the city :lol:

OR MAYBE im just mistaken and it walked off all on its own....... :shock:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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