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still getting used to colours help please

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i get so confused with colour i got these two because i loved there colour but not sure what it actualy is
first up is a buck named blue - he looks like a blue tan but is a really light blue colour any idea or confimation?

second is a doe named maple she looks like an agouti but has a tan belly?? is she classed as something else
top pic and below that is her belly.

any help is appreciated i cannot get my head round colours properly. thank you
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first may well be a blue, they sometimes get the ticking look I think (i'm not all to certain myself).... If not though, i have no idea, as with a tan belly, i dont think it can be a silver agouti. A colour doesn't have to be a particular shade to be called that colour necisarily, so perfectly possible for it just to be pale.

the second you are right is an agouti tan. Also... I think. definatly agouti at any rate. (It still confuses me because I'm more used to cavies which do have that colour belly on an agouti anyway.)

I may as well have a go, I need to learn somehow.

Vi x
the first is a blue tan,the colour of even the best examples is not excellent and yours looks not to bad and the second is a straight forward agouti tan.
thanks for you replies that helps
i am also more used to cavies colours i used to bred and show them but i now have a rescue. i used to keep mice before the pigs but stopped and when someone brought a pig in for rehoming i also got two pet mice dumped from them and got adictted to mice again
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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