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How very true, when I was showing it meant a five hour drive to get to a show, so you must first pick what variety appeals to you, as you will have to look at them twice a day and a fair poportion of the weekend cleaning out time.
I can tell you the progression, it will be that you cant wait for your first prize card, any colour and if the variety you have picked doesnt normally attract prize cards you will want to get a winning variety in as well. However competition will be fierce. I worked up to winning BIS at Bradford, the ultimate and many, many other best in shows at the time of the height of Jack Hartley and frank hawley, dek taylor and others. I made an awful lot of my winners, genetical knowledge is paramount, it does not matter on the show bench what the mouse is made of purely, does it match the standard is all that matters. My greatest pleasure was breeding marked mice, nothing can match that anticipation as the markings develop, and the disappointment !
I would like you to make one promise to yourself, you will be given /sold for very little money excellent starting stock. It is tru to say that 90% of all such stock supplied is wasted and ends up down the pet shop- make sure that if you do ever give up, that the stock is offered back to the fancy.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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