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I would love to start breeding mice in QLD there aren't that many Approved mouse breeders in QRF (Queensland Rodent Fanciers)
I WILL be focusing on producing outgoing, Healthy, and confident (Plus coats馃槄) mice but I will need some answers (researching is difficult because everyone breeds as feeders)

I would breed 2-3 mice at a time, to keep track of them and ensure they are okay and handled properly. each pregnant mouse will have a non-pregnant doe that they know of
I would most likely keep 1 of the pups in a litter. my does will retire when they hit 5 months old so they don't die while giving birth.

but the Bucks here's the thing Bucks can start fighting when housed together but people say it is okay to house brothers to get for at least a short amount of time (aka for selling)
the bucks I keep for breeding will have their own cage
but I'm wondering a lot about breeding like inbreeding, outbreeding, and linebreeding
because in the future I may have a lot of mice that could be cousins which is fine because that is linebreeding.

now cages...
QRF minimum housing requirements to be approved are (Enclosures should allow for a minimum floor area of 250cm2 for a single housed mouse, a minimum floor area of 500cm2 for two mice, and ensuring a minimum floor area of 60cm2 per additional adult mouse when mice are housed in larger groups.)

these are the drawer I will be using
the tubs are around 25 by 38.5 cm which is
the height of the tubs is 15cm and the minimum height is 12 cm
these are when the bucks will live and the pregnant mice
all females that arent being bred will be in a huge colony bin cage

Furniture Cabinetry Rectangle Shelving Shelf
(there are actually 5 but it only shows 4)

PS the tubs aren't really securely on so there is ventilation on the top it's just too small for pups to get out
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