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Spring Rodent Fest 2011 / Meet-up and swap outside of RF

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I will be in PA the day of, and after RF, but will not be getting a table. My mice will be available for trade/purchase/pick up AFTER Rodent fest in my hotel room(or after you have left with no intentions of returning). I will be getting a hotel room hopefully near the event which will also serve as a 'mice not entering rodent fest' check point. Anyone is welcome to drop mice off at my room before rodent fest (they will be STRICTLY health checked, individually) and pick them up / trade after rodent fest has ended or after you have left rodent fest (and will not be returning).
I would appreciate a $5 holding fee for mice being dropped off. It will help me afford the room for the night on my super low budget.

A roomie would also be welcomed, if someone is looking to share the costs and a room!
Also, I would appreciate if my room mate would health check my mice, for fairness reasons.

After Rodent fest my room will also be open to parties the night after rodent fest WINK WINK. Anyone who wants to have a super duper mouse party, please feel free to come over that night, lol.

See you all soon!
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Yeah, now they're buried in her back garden...
Hahaha... ha... why would I take the time to BURY them? :p
I've never been to (or heard of :shock:) Rodentfest so this is an interesting topic. Sounds very heated too. Varied opinions makes for good conversation though, right? ;) No need for weapons.
RodentFest is a long-running rodent event. Its a meet and swap thats going on its 11 year of having events twice a year. Its held in Leesport, PA.

Varied opinions is what makes the world go around.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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