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Spiny Mice

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Two years ago I bought a trio of Spiny Mice , I now have 17 six of which were born this week.There born fured and ''ready to go'' lol they can move about there surroundings in no time and soon get onto solids.
I keep mine in colonies there great fun lovely brown spiny fur, underside is white and large black eyes and very easy to breed has anyone else got any spiny mice? never keep them on there own there a social animal you can keep more than one Buck in a colony too.
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i have four adults in a fish tank and they`ve just had their first litters
have 5 babies, i think theres a litter of 3 and one of 2 going from the size difference.

i havnt been able to find much info about them tbh, whens it safe to start handling the babies do you know?
love their beautiful big black boggily eyes
Unlike fancy mice they dont like to be handled too much the babies are excellent escape artists too lol.I would wait till you see them running around on there own which wont be long, and they are feeding themselves before you handle them sometimes a first litter can be culled by the Doe when there born, it doesnt mean this will happen all the time though yours seem fine .They are so cute the babies have big noses I love watching all of the colony picking up the pups and moving them they all help out and at night all pile on top of the pups to protect and keep them warm.There very prolific breeders so dont get over run :)When My pups are feeding drinking well on there own I remove them to a tank of there own.
I have just seperated up the Doe with her four babies and another female there now in there own tank those females I wont breed off they need a good rest now I have a young trio I will use for any future breeding.I will remove the Four pups when there older.Then I did My Sunday morning clean out washed all the tanks with hot water and washing up liquid also the Faunariums I have.I also have another trio of spinies with four pups and a Trio of non breeding spinies in a large tank so it took me all morning to clean them out. I will put there food dishes back in when they have finnished there scratting about and scent marking otherwise they will fill the dishes with bedding.(sorry some of my words did'nt have spacing as My space bars acting itself :) )
the mini kangaroos arnt out and about yet, will leave them be till i know they are old enough to come out i think, rather than risk them getting bashed.
then i can bring them indoors and get them used to handling before i find them new homes.

i`m going to have a full house, one of the gerbils has had a litter (7) too and i have a few preggy fancy mice :)
Well done Sarahsnake What colour Gerbils are they? I have blacks.Yes the Spiney mice pups do resmeble little Kangaroos lol :D.And like many desert Rodents Spiny Mice do not smell ideal to keep in the home :) .
furs just coming through, looks like 5 agoutis like dad and 2 argente like mom.

the silver agoutis looking rotund now too.............need more fishtanks i think!
had another suprise in the spiny mice tank - theres 8 babies all together now!!!

it must be spring, everyones having a bit of a baby boom at the mo
There are a bunch of spiny mice at work, a group of 10, a pair of boys and a new male.
I love watching them hunt crickets they think its great! Id like to play with them more but the older mum hates me and she has a nasty bite.
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