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Sowood Show - May 14th

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Anyone going? I've decided I will be attending this show :D It'll be my first show and I'll be alone so I just wanted to see if there'll be any names floating about that I'll recognise :p No idea what to expect at all but I imagine I'll have a blast ;)
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Thanks Seawatch!

And I finally get to meet you Mark :D

I've got my two boys booked in, my fish and chips ordered, just gotta clean up maxeys and carriers, then I'm all ready! Can't wait!
I'm hearing that Kim won BIS today. Id' like to be the 1st to congratulate her on her very first BIS, well done Kim.x :D
Quality show today!

Thanks to everyone for their splendid company!

:D :D :D :D :D
Well done to Kim for her BIS today!
Congratulations also to SarahY, another section win under her belt (best marked).

I'm not sure of the other winners but well done to all :D
A long day but definately worth it! I had a fantastic time - picked a cracker for my first show! Looking forward to actually being able to show myself :D
Thank you tratallen :love1

It was a lovely show indeed, great company, picturesque setting and proper fish 'n' chips :D

Congratulations to The Village Mousery for her BIS PEW and to Rosewood for her BOA Marked, a beautiful variegated!

Sarah xxx
Here's my mouse, a little black Dutch doe aged six weeks old:

And here is me with her and her trophies at the show earlier (picture taken by David Montgomery):

Sarah xxx
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well done ,very much deserved and a lovely picture of you and your winning mouse.Also well done to Rosewood with boa marked.
Well done everyone (and Sarah, as always I am jealous of how lovely you always look in photos!) :lol:
Thanks all was a great day... thought i'd post a pic...

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Thanks SarahY and SarahC! My photography skills aren't as brill as everyone elses, and Edelweiss wouldn't stay still, but here's my guy.

I really can't wait for Honley now! Well done on your wins Kim and SarahY! Both mice were little stunners!
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