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Sowood Feb 12th

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Sam (secret garden) and myself will be judging this show. We hope as many of you as possible can make it up to the beautiful Yorkshire moors to support this great show.
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I would love to see these larger mice! They sound.....well BIG! I know show mice are usually bigger than your normal fancy mouse, but I`ve never seen one compared to a small rat!
Here are two pictures of Paul Hartleys 'Monster' mouse. I will let him explain..

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Oh Wow... want.

That must be a buck though right? Oh how I love chunky boy heads! hehe
Thank you Matt for posting my pictures I am going to try and start another thread with these pictures also because I feel it is important to show what size can be achived through selective breeding. This mouse is not perfect in many ways as a show animal but he is a fantastic example of a stud buck. He is large and also very heavy with good bone, and hopefully will breed his new owner many a good mouse.

:) is this the one for me? i'll saddle him up and ride him home from manchester
Yes he is yours Kim and I am sure he will breed you many a good healthy mouse.

He truly is a magificent stallion is`nt he! Beautiful mouse. x
cann anyone tell me where Sowood is? i have never heard of it before. thanks.
By the way that is one handsome mouse !
Actually i just googled it, not that far from York. I may pop in to one of these shows, anyone know when the next one is on?
the next one is May the 14th before that there is one in Manchester April 2nd.
Thanks, I cant do the april one in manchester as im at a cavy show on that day but i will try and get to the may one.x
hope you can,it has a very friendly atmosphere and quite a few mousers are also cavy exhibitors.
21 - 33 of 33 Posts
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