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The South Eastern Mouse Club will be holding two open shows in 2012 , April 28th & October 13th . Our show venue is :
The Crawley Horticultural Society Hall , West Green Park , Ifield Avenue , Crawley , West Sussex , RH11 7AJ . Entry for the viewing public is free , full details can be found at

Please note that whilst these are open shows we enjoy the patronage of the National Mouse Club and all exhibits are judged by NMC Judges and to NMC Standards, rules & regulations .

Because we have secured generous sponsorship from local companies there are a range of benefits for exhibitors , bags of feed (oats, mixed corn , wild bird seed ) have been donated and Pen numbers will be drawn at random to decide the recipients , if you enter mice you are automatically in the draw. No exhibitor will pay more than £9 for their entry , block entry is 60p per mouse up to and including 15 , more than 15 incur no further charge so make sure you use all your maxeys. SEMC rosettes for Best in Show , Best Opposite Age, Best Self, Best Tan, Best Marked, Best Satin , Best A.O.V., Best Juvenile & Best Unstandardised are for open competition , NMC rosettes or trophies awarded to NMC members only .

The show committee are in talks with pet companies and have already secured free samples of products and money off vouchers , details will be updated when they are finalised.

Your support of our show is appreciated , your welcome guarenteed .

Regards Paul.
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I'd already penciled you in Sarah , 'she's here , she's there , she's every ******* where , Sarah Y , Sarah Y ' ( football fans will know the tune :D ) might even get you to service my van and change the gear box :D
Woodwitch , see reply to Sarah Y , as the song goes " You can't have one without the other " :D

Laoshu just keep Kat away from glass tanks :eek:

Kellyt & Willowdragon please do come along and meet the gang ( might wet your appetite to show in October ) make sure to come and say hello. There is masses of parking and the hall is just a mile from the train station , the bus station is opposite the train station . Jump on a 1 or 2 and ask for the Ambulance Station ( awful lot of stations in this post :D ) which is next door to the venue.

Thanks for the positive comments

Regards Paul.
Verm-X is a chemical free natural control for internal pararsites , free samples will be available at the South Eastern Mouse Club Open Show on Saturday 28th April along with money off vouchers for future purchases if you like it .

Unfortunately Rolls Royce declined my invitation to supply a car for the raffle , but you can't have everything ---I mean where would you put it all? :D

Regards Paul.
I'm delighted to announce that to celebrate our inaugural show all exhibitors will recieve a 'keepsake' momento of the day in the form of a small plaque that bears the legend South Eastern Mouse Club Inaugural Show Exhibitor. Limited edition these , make sure you get one !! ( :D )
Just a quick update :

I forgot to put my email address on the advert that appeared in the NMC News , for entries please use [email protected] .

Also the advert says entries close at 10pm Wednesday (25th) when in fact it should have been 8pm as I have a meeting to attend Wednesday night at 8.30pm.

Looking forward to seeing old friends and maybe making some new ones on Saturday.

Regards Paul.
Mousery_girl if you want to enter some mice you can email the entry in to [email protected] , give me a ring on 01293 458360 or 07938935664 ( or text )
There are 78 classes so there should be something to suit , although it is an Open Show I must point out that it is held under the rules and regulations of the NMC , I mention this because I have had a couple of enquireries about 'pet' classes of which there are non . Nor will there be mice for sale ( pet shop act and all that ) but breeders and hobbyists are allowed, under the law , to exchange pre ordered breeding stock.
Tune into BBC Radio Suusex at 08.40 & BBC Radio Surrey ( time to be confirmed ) to hear Gary Bayldon being interviewed live on air from the Crawley Show venue . BBC Sussex asked me to do an interview about the NMC and the Crawley show ----I said I can't but I know a man who can :)
Thank you all for making it one of those days when you are happy to be somewhere , I know its difficult times what with the price of fuel and the demands on your pocket and time , so I'm absolutely blown away with the support I received and so happy that you all had a good time . I've met some very special people since I became involved with the mice fancy and truely humbled that you trusted me to deliver , but I couldn't have done so without the help of lots of people , a heart felt thank you to all of you. Mice people are nice people.
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